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My name is Harold Holmes and I am a 'trilli-a-hollic'. My wife is Brenda. She is an avid wildflower gardener and china painter.

As we became 'Trillium lovers' in the early 90’s we found much conflicting and confusing information. Not to be discouraged, we accepted our trillium journey as a challenge. Brenda continued her wildflower garden, and I helped by learning how to propagate her favorite wildflowers. Trillium propagation became another challenge and test of patience. Ants kept stealing the seeds before I collected them.The vegetative techniques that I first used were slow and not very effective. I was not to be deterred for I was becoming a 'trilli-a-hollic'.


Trillium Research Website

This website is designed to meet the needs of the casual Trillium lover, the avid Trilli-a-hollic, and eventually the researchers and educators trying to understand and communicate all the deep (and not so deep) truths about trilliums. To this end there are currently almost 100 pages of general information, photographs, initial research topics and links to other Trillium sites.

You can access these and other subjects by clicking on the subjects below and in the page title bar header on all pages.

Trillium List Support Page

You can access the Trillium List Support Page under the T_list section on the title bar(under construction) or clicking below. You may send trillium images you wish to reference in your T-List discussions and I will be happy to post them for you here.

Your Trillium Research

You can also access special pages from Your Trillium Research and/or subject matter experts listed below:

Your Trillium Photographs

You can access your trillium photographs under the photograph section on the title bar or clicking below.

My Trillium Photographs

You can access my trillium photographs under the photograph section on the title bar or clicking below.

These are in Brenda’s Woodland Wildflower Garden and my trillium beds.

These are from some of the 95 locations that Brenda and I visited in 2004 and 2005.

- 04_T1: North Alabama
- 04_T2: North Georgia
- 04_T3: North Florida
- 04_T4: South Tennessee
- 04_T5: East Tennessee
- 04_T6: Northwest South Carolina

My Trillium Research

These are some of the trillium studies, observations and test that I have in process. You can access my trillium research under the research section on the title bar or clicking below.

- 04RP_01: Pusillum (var. alabamicum) clumping.
- 04RP_02: Luteum propagation test.
- 04RP_03: Hormone effects on seed.
- 04RP_04: Hormone effects on rhizomes.
- 04RP_05: Stamineum clumping observations.
- 04RP_06: Cuneatum ‘madison’ clumping observations.
- 05RP_07: Grandiflorum ‘snow bunting’ clumping observations.
- 05RP_08: Seed treatments and cleaning.
- 05RP_09: Natural Offset Production.
- 05RP_10: Seed Maturiety Effects on Germination.
- 05RP_11: Natural and Experimental Hybrids.

- 05RP_12: Seed Germination Comparisons.
- 05RP_13: Flexipes Propagation Tests.
- 05RP_14:

- 04RS_01: Rhizome comparisons.
- 04RS_02: Berry comparisons.
- 05RS_03: Pollinator observations.
- 05RS_04: Bloom dates comparisons.
- 05RS_05: Deer studies.
- 05RS_06: Seed Thieves.
- 05RS_07: Trillium Antics.
- 05RS_08: Seed Comparisons.


This forum is for all ‘trillium lovers’ to display their Photographs, study, data, observations and results. I think of it as an extension of the ‘T-List” which provides an excellent dialog on trillium matters of interest. Jim and Mike are to be commended for providing that forum for us.

All submittals must carry the name to be credited and make sure that if any copyrighted material are included they are properly approved and credited. This forum is for noncommercial only.

Please email me your comments ...<comments@trilliumresearch.org>.

Please email any trillium submittals to ... <harold@trilliumresearch.org>. You may submit, if you wish, pictures or other large files on a CD-ROM to: Holmes Trillium Research, 17 Heather Street, Lacey's Spring, Alabama 35754.